• Reccomendations for Kate Altman:

    "Over the past decade-plus, Kate has renovated my bathroom, redecorated a bedroom office and playroom, and designed and gut-renovated my kitchen. And we're just getting started! I cannot speak highly enough of her work. She listens carefully to what I want--and then interprets it in a way that is always better than what I expected. Kate has fabulous taste--but always was willing to work within my budget. She is a genius at designing small spaces--my brownstone kitchen isn't just beautiful, it operates like a Swiss watch. It feels 10X bigger than it did before and there is more storage than I would have dreamed possible. Best of all, she doesn't over-design. All of Kate's rooms are livable and practical, as well as lovely. She's the best!"

    -Kathy Deveny

  • “Kate has helped us renovate several rooms in our house, most notably the kitchen, with superb results. Her great gift has always been to get the measure of us and our taste and then come up with suggestions that perfectly reflect our profile but also surprise and delight us with their originality - a subtly colored shelf, a little cabinet, some detail on the paneling. Kate is articulate, efficient, down-to-earth and completely charming to work with, and the people she uses are responsible and professional. I recommend her without hesitation.”

    -Helen Rogan

  • “We hired Kate to design our kitchen and keep bringing her back for additional rooms. She did not impose a style on us, but used an intuitive and perceptive sense of us and our space to create wonderful, warm, not fussy decorator but beautiful rooms. She can see in ways that I can't, and yet her designs are what I would have created if I had her vision. She is flexible and not snobby about any budget, our house is a visual pleasure largely because of her.”

    -Erin Kelly